Welcome our New Administrative Manager, Nawell Valerio!

Please welcome the newest addition to the Visible Network Labs team, Nawell Valerio! Nawell is our Administrative Manager and will be in charge of multiple key admin areas within VNL. We are so happy to have her on the team and excited for what is next!

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a born and raised New Yorker and absolutely love living here. My family and friends
mean absolutely everything to me. My friends start out that way and become family. I’m
blessed to have that number continue to grow.

What is your new position and what do you hope to accomplish in it?

I’m VNL’s Administrative Manager. This is a new role at VNL and I hope together we can
create an organization where people feel valued, respected and heard. A place they come
to every day with a smile, where they can continue to grow their careers and knowledge
base as we grow and expand as an organization.

Who is a significant mentor in your life?

Hands down my mom. She has taught me to love, to work hard, to listen harder than you
speak, to be compassionate and empathetic. That I can do absolutely anything I want with
hard work and determination. It’s ok to fail as long as you get back up. To always honor
who I am. To be present and roll with the punches because life has a sense of humor but
will always work out how it’s supposed to. To trust myself because life will always have
hurdles and we must learn how to navigate them. That it’s ok if certain things scare you.
You will just have to do those things scared.

Where is your favorite place to visit on vacation?

I can’t say I have one favorite place. It’s constantly changing. The last place I visit is always
my favorite until I go somewhere else! I typically enjoy travelling places where I can get a
mix of relaxation, nature and history. For instance, in Barbados I got to descend Animal
Flower Cave, go to a fish fry and play with sea turtles and green monkeys in the wild. In
Arizona I loved experiencing the calm and beauty of Sedona and feeling completely in awe
yet so miniscule in comparison to the majesty of the Grand Canyon.


If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and why?

Teleportation! I can travel without airport hassle. I can see my far away family and friends
whenever I want and do cool things like have croissants for breakfast in Paris and sushi in
Tokyo for lunch.

What do you enjoy doing away from work?

I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I love cooking and entertaining
so it’s a joy anytime I can do that for them. Enjoying the arts (theater,
museums, dancing), reading, travelling, enjoying different cultures, their
foods and customs makes me so happy. It feeds my soul.

Learn more about Nawell and the rest of our team at VNL here on our Team page.

About the Author: Will Jacobson

Will is the Marketing Intern at VNL, and he joined the company in October 2021. Originally from New York City, Will loves Colorado and all the outdoor life it has to offer. He is also a pretty big foodie! Will assists in content creation, marketing, and communications, and is finishing up his degree in marketing from the University of Colorado Denver.

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