May Network Leadership Events: COVID-19 Update

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Visible Network Labs is making a few changes to our spring Network Leadership events.

You can view our Frequently Asked Question section here.

Still have questions? Email us at and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Thank you!

COVID-19 Spring Event Update

Our team has been working hard on how to “stay connected” in a time when social distancing is the healthiest thing to do. As network scientists, we understand the danger of disease diffusion within a network, while believing in the power of networks for good. Towards that end, we have tried to apply our network lens in creating solutions rather than cancelling our events outright.

Please review these options below and complete this short survey to let us know how you plan to proceed. To help us with planning, please respond by April 30, 2020.

If these options do not fit your needs or schedule at this time, we will refund your registration for either or both events. That said, we really hope you will consider staying connected and joining this community on a path toward networked solutions, innovation, and virtual peer-learning this summer!

Network Innovation Summit – The NIS will be held as a virtual event on May 18th. We can think of no more important time than now to host a forum for considering the implications of a networked world and the Future of Networks in the context of technology, data, and implications on social justice, equity, health, and well-being.  This event will still be held as a “design sprint” with a focus on problem definition and solution centers. Our lineup of speakers remains the same, and we are planning an interactive, thought provoking day. We will host a special session on “Networks in Times of Crisis” designed as a retrospective on the role that networks played in the COVID-19 spread, response, and recovery. Speakers represent the Annie E Casey Foundation, Comcast Cable Labs, WE in the World, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and others

Network Leadership Training Academy – NLTA (May 19th-20th) attendees can choose 2 options.

  • Option 1: Join a cohort of other network leaders for the NLTA-Online. NLTA-O will launch in May and end in Nov 2020. We will host a 2-hour session the 3rd Wednesday of every month to cover all of the sessions that you would have attended at the in-person NLTA. We will thoughtfully curate an interactive learning session, focused on skill building and peer-learning. Our NLTA trainers will provide rich content on building, managing, and evaluating effective networks. You will have access to tools, worksheets, and exercises to complete throughout the 6-month session, and a rich network of peers to connect with during and between sessions. During a time when so many things are getting canceled or postponed, we are committed to building the community of network leaders. We hope that this format gives you both the tools you need to effectively manage your networks, and the opportunity to build your social connectedness with the most innovative community of network thinkers in the world.  


  • Option 2: Sign up and enroll in Visible Network Lab’s new, signature online course, “Data Driven Network Strategies”. This is an 8-week course that walks you through the steps to implement the PARTNER method. This includes shifting to a network science mindset, designing a network strategy and metrics, tracking your network using the PARTNER platform, adapting your strategy based on data results, and implementing your strategy for impact. The course will launch in August 2020. This is not a live course, however you will join a live online community of other network learners and have access to a coaching consultation at the end of the course.


Below you will find a table of details to help you consider these choices. In addition, you can find Frequently Asked Questions here.

Our primary goal is to contribute to the abundance of caution to protect the public’s health. We are also committed to promoting strong social health as much as we can. We hope that these choices can accomplish both objectives. We welcome your ideas, feedback, and participation. We hope that these choices give you hope that we can remain connected, learn from each other, and remain healthy and strong during the challenges ahead.

In partnership,

The Team at VNL and the CU Denver Center on Network Science

COVID-19 Change Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are my choices if I’m attending the NIS?

A: You can either a) attend the virtual NIS taking place on May 18th instead of the in-person event, or b) request a full refund.

Q: What are my choices if I’m attending the NLTA?

A: You can either a) attend the online NLTA taking place from May through November, b) register for our online course, ‘Designing Data-Driven Network Strategies, or c) request a full refund.

Q: How do I request a refund, and for what?

A: Send us an email with the names of each registrant and a request for a refund of your registration fees. We are waiving the $50 deposit for those who request it in light of the circumstances. We will work on processing refunds as quickly – we do ask for your patience as we work through the large number of emails and requests. We are unable to provide any refunds for hotel or airfare costs.

Q: How long will full refunds be available?

At the moment, refunds will be available at least April 30th, our original cancellation date requirement. We may extend that date at that time depending on the circumstances and situation.

Q: What will the virtual NIS be offering? What should I expect?

A: The virtual NIS will still be held as a “design sprint” with a focus on problem definition and solution creation. You’ll join the same lineup of speakers, with an interactive and engaging program. We plan to host a special session, “Networks in Times of Crisis,” designed as a retrospective on the role networks played in the spread, response and recovery to COVID-19. More info will come soon.

Q: What is the difference between the online NLTA and the online course on network strategy?

A: The online NTLA will include monthly virtual sessions with our speakers and community of attendees. This cohort style program will allow participants to engage and interact with one another throughout the Academy to participate in peer-learning, practice skills and discuss new concepts. We’ll provide access to tools, worksheets and other exercises to facilitate further skill development between sessions.

The online course, “Data Driven Network Strategies, is an 8-week program focused more closely on our 5-step PARTNER method. We’ll help network leaders, funders and evaluators design a network strategy, and track it over time using data and adaptive practices. The course will launch in August of 2020. Unlike the NLTA, it is not a live course, allowing more focused self-study, compared to the more group-centric NLTA.

Q: If I attend the virtual NLTA, can I still take the course?

Yes! You will need to pay a registration fee, to be determined, later this spring once registration is open. Send us a message expressing interest and we’ll add you to our interest list to get you more information as it becomes available!

Q: Where can I get more information or ask questions?

Check back continually here and to our event pages as we plan to add more information as it becomes available. You can also reach out to us at anytime:

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