Cross-sector community networks are coalitions of various community groups from the public, private and non-profit sectors – they’re developing all over the nation, and world, and they’re changing the world too! This “network way of working” has grown in part due to cuts in public funding during the 1980’s and 1990’s to help organizations share resources, knowledge and community. They work in all kinds of areas of social impact: From public health and housing to the environment and education. These networks are varied, but all share some similarities. We work hard to help these networks utilize network science principles to improve their processes and outcomes.

Here are some examples of some real-world community networks:

The Mile High Health Alliance makes Denver a place where every resident can live their healthiest life by bringing together key decision makers to align housing, transportation, food and medical care systems.

Our members include Denver’s leaders in health, human and social organizations – public, private and nonprofit alike – to make all our systems work to make Denver the healthiest place to live, work and play.

The RE-AMP Network consists of over 130 nonprofits and foundations across eight Midwestern states working on climate change and energy policy with the goal to equitably eliminate greenhouse gas emissions in the Midwest by 2050. The mission of the RE-AMP Network is to set collective strategy and enable collaboration on climate solutions in the Midwest. We do this by connecting diverse perspectives, harnessing everyone’s unique expertise in spaces for intentional strategy-setting, and building the capacity for excellent implementation. We use these six values to guide our work to reach our North Star goal: Collaboration, Community, Democracy, Equity, Justice, and Scientific Rigor.

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