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Visible Network Labs is a Proud Boomtown Accelerator Company


Denver, CO (May 18, 2018) – Visible Network Labs is a proud Boomtown company, following their 2018 Demo Day.

Boulder’s Boomtown Accelerator celebrated its 10th Demo Day by unveiling its latest cohort in front of a sold-out audience earlier this evening at the Boulder Theater. Eleven companies took center stage after completing Boomtown’s highly selective and rigorous 12-week entrepreneur-centric program. Boomtown’s Demo Day served as the official closing event to Boulder Startup Week.

Boomtown’s Demo Day featured eleven startups who have completed the customized accelerator program, with companies specializing in Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality, virtual reality, and real estate technology, among others. Each company also had the opportunity to pitch their companies to investors and strategic partners in a special investor’s preview earlier today.

“At Boomtown, we work with each company on an individual basis to stress-test their value propositions and their core business models so they can emerge from our program as stronger companies,” said Toby Krout, co-founder and executive director of Boomtown. “We believe in each of these companies and are extremely excited to see what these companies are now capable of achieving.” 

Boomtown’s 2018 cohort is composed of the following companies:

  • BehaviorMe: BehaviorMe creates life experiences in virtual reality to help increase independence in children and young adults with autism and developmental disabilities.
  • EyeFlite: EyeFlite combines augmented reality and eye tracking to enable people, especially those with disabilities, to control smart devices around them and communicate using only their eyes.
  • HI-OTO: HI-OTO is a machine-2-machine (M2M) technology that enables everything from cars to smartphones to discover and securely transact with the infrastructure around it, including gas stations, EV chargers, parking and security gates.
  • Omnify: Omnify utilizes the “internet of things” (IoT) to help cities leverage existing video technology and infrastructure in order to reap smart city benefits.
  • PatientOne: PatientOne ensures optimal outcomes for both patients and doctors through a set of software tools for physicians to better educate and prepare patients for surgery. 
  • Pennyworth: Pennyworth is a real estate technology company offering home hospitality services and experiential living amenities for multi-family apartment communities and urban homes.
  • RumbleSum: RumbleSum connects coworkers with common interests through fun, app-based challenges, activities and groups.
  • Untapp: Untapp builds mobile applications for small business owners so that they can manage internal operations, increase revenue and communicate with customers. 
  • Visible Network LabsVisible Network Labs’ network intervention platform, Aspen, seeks to reduce health care costs and improve health outcomes by equipping the wellness and health care ecosystem with access to social support networks.
  • Xoomdat: Xoomdat is an enterprise search platform that incorporates machine learning to discern between enterprise semantics and fusion of retrospective and real-time information retrieval to “find the needle in a haystack.”
  • ZipRoots: ZipRoots helps business professionals make meaningful impressions on their clients by automatically distributing tokens of appreciation (like gifts), which leads to increased engagement and more referrals.

Boomtown is constantly evaluating applications for its flagship accelerator program in Boulder, which includes partnerships with UpRamp, part of CableLabs. For more information or to apply to the Fall 2018 cohort, please visit

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