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How to Collaborate in Polarized Times

This discussion explored ways to better collaborate across differences, including different experiences and ideologies, and specifically, how funders could support grantees and partners when bridging across divides, especially in times of deep polarization and turmoil… Read more

New research reveals 7 traits of successful networkers

The social and gregarious nature of extraverts and the energy extraverts experience engaging with many different people predisposes them to participate in professional networking. However, recent meta-analytic research by Hadjira Bendella and Hans-Georg Wolff at the University of Cologne finds that many different aspects of personality are positively related to networking… Read more.

Building Nonprofit Capacity, Hand in Hand

There’s no question that there’s power in philanthropy providing organizations with general operating support and unrestricted funding. Both are important components of trust-based philanthropy, a grantmaking approach that emphasizes humility and collaboration across a range of dimensions… Read more

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