Using Network Analysis to Help Acuity Insurance Build A Digital Culture of Connecting

May 2023 – Ongoing // Wisconsin // PARTNER CPRM Project

Acuity provides insurance for consumers and businesses in the United States. Their culture is built on the core values of developing and empowering people, acting with integrity, having fun, driving excellence, innovating, working as a team, having open communication, and respecting and trusting others.

Acuity is committed to creating a culture where its teams thrive and work together, whether in the office or at home. Their organizational network analysis initiative is one way they are working to assess their employee networks, both formal and informal, to improve their culture and strengthen their connections and teamwork as a hybrid company.

Working closely with our team and using PARTNER CPRM software, they will collect and analyze data to answer several key questions:

  1. Identify influencers, knowledge brokers, and other key players,
  2. Assess how under or over-networked each team is across the company,
  3. Map informal connections and interactions between teams and staff without formal linkages
  4. Develop actionable strategies based on their network maps and results.

Our Project Team

Marissa Baron, MPH

Senior Project Manager

Sara sprong, m.p.a

VP of Data Science and implementation

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