Manage Community Partnerships with Ease through PARTNER CPRM

Effective community partner relationship management is a cornerstone of successful collaboration but can be time-consuming and cumbersome. PARTNER CPRM streamlines this process with features like member management, email templates, automated scheduling, and customizable alerts.

Visualize and understand your community ecosystem

With our platform, you can build and maintain relationships that foster success within your network. Manage partner profiles, track interactions, set reminders, and communicate seamlessly through integrated tools. From small-scale collaborations to vast networks, PARTNER CPRM empowers you to focus on what matters most: building meaningful connections.

Why PARTNER CPRM for Partner Relationship Management?

Leverage unique insights using social network analysis metrics and maps.

Find opportunities to connect with additional community partners.

Analyze network structure, relationship quality, trust, influence, and more.

Use your results to create networking strategies for your partnerships.

Partner Relationship Management Case Studies

Fix CRUS Coalition

The Fix CRUS Coalition used PARTNER CPRM to map and manage their 40+ members and track their connections and interactions over time. The platform helps incentivize engagement through member profile sharing and allows coalition administrators to identify key players, uncover untapped resources, and create reports to strategize and inform their outreach in the community.

Hear from our partners:

"PARTNER's visualizations helped demonstrate the breadth and diversity of our coalition to the public, while informing our strategy and outreach to fill gaps and ensure we represent the entirety of Colorado's outdoor recreation community. It has brought a data-driven method to the madness of managing our partners and relationships.
Anneliese Steel
Chair, Fix CRUS Coalition

Ready to manage your community partnerships more effectively?

With PARTNER CPRM, you’ll find all the tools to foster collaboration and success. Request a demo and let’s build stronger connections together!