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Community engagement is essential for achieving collective impact, yet traditional methods often lead to fragmented results. PARTNER CPRM is here to transform community engagement by providing comprehensive tools and insights designed to foster collaboration, alignment, and growth within your network.

Visualize and understand your community ecosystem

With our platform, you can organize and manage community partners with ease, tailor engagement strategies to suit specific needs, and streamline communication. Our interactive dashboards enable you to monitor engagement levels, analyze feedback, and adapt your approach for greater resonance. Whether you’re working with educational institutions, nonprofits, or local governments, PARTNER CPRM ensures that your community remains informed, connected, and actively involved in the shared mission.

Why PARTNER CPRM for Community Engagement?

Leverage unique insights using social network analysis metrics and maps.

Find opportunities to connect with additional partners and organizations.

Analyze network structures, relationship quality, trust, influence, and more.

Use your results to create networking strategies for the community.

Community Engagement Case Studies

Denver Public Schools

Denver Public Schools - Family & Community Engagement Division

We worked with Denver Public Schools and their Family & Community Engagement Division to map their community network. Using PARTNER CPRM, our team worked to uncover gaps in internal DPS networks, identify redundant efforts, and provide more effectively targeted outreach and engagement resources – helping to engage all communities, especially those who have been historically marginalized, in more effective and culturally relevant ways. 

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Hear from our partners:

“In community engagement, relationships are paramount, but it's also messy work. There is a need for formal, technical tools to help map and track hundreds of networks across the district to better understand who we are, and aren't, reaching. Working with VNL helped us identify redundancies and streamline efforts across internal teams and divisions, enabling us to better create the scaffolding necessary to rebuild and strengthen trust with the communities we serve.”
Alece Montez
Alece Montez
Associate Chief, Family & Community Engagement Division, Denver Public Schools

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