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What is the Validated PARTNER Survey?

Our validated 18 question PARTNER  survey lets networks of people/organizations/things demonstrate how members are connected, how resources are leveraged and exchanged, measures levels of trust and value, and can link outcomes to the process of collaboration. It lets you go beyond mapping to understand the quality of connections, perceptions among members, and provides measures of success and links to outcomes. Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and used by over 4000 networks, our legacy survey gives you the insight you need to strengthen your network and build an action strategy.

Find 18 questions and other resources in this library.

Survey Builder

(PARTNER Survey)

Are you looking for a data collection tool that is easy to set up, flexible, and requires NO data cleaning to analyze and visualize your data?

You are at the right spot!

The PARTNER survey builder is a social network analysis data collection tool that links directly into your project manager and data dashboards. The survey builder lets you completely customize your survey, or you can use our 18-question validated PARTNER survey.  It has an intuitive interface, a consent form built in, a preview survey function, and a full email system to send invites or reminders. You can: 

  • Build your own survey from scratch
  • Select from our bank of questions to get you started
  • Use our validated PARTNER 18 question survey
  • Select one of 15 topic specific surveys that you can edit

The best part – all your data are stored in your project manager where you can view and analyze them in the data visualizer, access the insights library, or use the drag and drop report builder.

Create Your Own Survey Builder

The newest feature of the survey builder is the option to create your own network survey. You can create it from scratch, start with the legacy PARTNER survey to edit, and/or draw from our bank of questions to choose from.

Legacy partner tool survey

Our legacy PARTNER survey is an 18 question, validated survey that has been used over 4000 times in 40 countries. It is exactly the set of questions you need to get deep insight on your community networks.

Custom PARTNER Network surveys

Take advantage of over 15 customized surveys to pick from when setting up your surveys. Over 15 years, the VNL team has conducted hundreds of network evaluations. We are sharing that work with you, for free.

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