Screening for Social Connectedness with the Jefferson Center for Mental Health

October 2020 – Ongoing // Colorado Project // PARTNERme

The Jefferson Center for Mental Health is mapping support networks to identify and fill need gaps for improved health and well-being.

The mission of the Jefferson Center is to inspire hope, improve lives, and strengthen our community by providing mental health and related solutions for individuals and families. VNL is working with the Trauma Systems Therapy Team to implement social screening for clients and their families.

Many individuals with mental health challenges also need other forms of support, like help with transportation, childcare, or housing. The Jefferson Center began using PARTNER to screen families in their TST program to map their social support networks, ask about their social needs, and identify and fill the gaps with targeted community referrals.

The screening process gives providers visibility into a patient’s system of care from their own perspective, including both formal and informal supports that often go unacknowledged. Counselors are using the results to engage in conversations with clients about needs and support, connect them with community resources, and intervene in cases of severe need like abuse or domestic violence.

Following a pilot program demonstrating the potential of social screening, the Center is now considering scaling their use of PARTNER across the organization, beyond the TST program.

"In TST, our clinicians are often also case managers, required to provide a variety of types of support to families and triaging pressing social needs. PARTNER me and VNL helped us identify the existing social needs that were stalling therapy so we could begin to acknowledge and address them."
Nicholas Buchholtz
Family Services Manager, Jefferson Center

Our Project Team

Kaley Bachinski

Kaley Feenstra, M.H.P.

Research & Evaluation Manager

Amanda Beacom

Dr. Amanda Beacom

VP of Research and Data Science

Rose Hardy

Dr. Rose Hardy

Network Data Scientist

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