Reducing Adverse Childhood Experiences in the San Luis Valley of Colorado

November 2019 – Ongoing // San Luis Valley, Colorado

Conducting community-engaged research with schools and communities across the region to achieve health equity by optimizing social-emotional, mental, and physical health.

This project builds on their long history of partnerships in the rural San Luis Valley. The core research project is designed to reduce the intergenerational transmission of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in the San Luis Valley (SLV) of Colorado, which are modifiable risk factors that have a profound and lasting effect on a person’s health. To accomplish this, a community-engaged, stakeholder-driven, multi-level intervention, entitled STANCE (Linking Systems To address ACEs iN Childhood Early on) is proposed.

Our team at Visible Network Labs is working with the Rocky Mountain Prevention Research Center by conducting a social network analysis to leverage and strengthen the system of care to better meet the needs of children and families struggling with a high number of ACEs and associated downstream health outcomes.

Our Project Team

Dr. Amanda Beacom

Dr. Amanda Beacom

VP of Research and Data Science

Dr. Rose Y. Hardy

Dr. Rose Hardy

Network Data Scientist

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