Introducing PARTNER CPRM 2.0 - Coming Soon!

We're Making Big Changes to Better Serve You

Thank you for your interest in PARTNER CPRM! We’re thrilled that you want to join our growing community. However, we’re currently in the process of making a big leap forward.

In roughly two months, we’ll launch PARTNER CPRP 2.0, an upgraded version of our platform that will offer a host of new features, even better usability, and improved data visualizations to enhance your network analysis capabilities. Because we’re so close to the launch, we’re temporarily pausing new user registrations on the legacy platform. We understand that this transition period may be slightly inconvenient, and we appreciate your understanding. 

But we have good news! You can join our Waiting List to be one of the first to experience the new PARTNER CPRM 2.0. As a Waiting List member, you’ll receive the latest updates on our progress and be notified as soon as PARTNER CPRM 2.0 is ready to launch.

Joining the Waiting List is easy – simply fill out the form below and you’ll be added to our priority notification list. We’re excited to share this next evolution of our platform with you and can’t wait for you to see what we’ve been working on.

IF YOU ARE A CURRENT PARTNER USER: you will not see any changes to your current platform interface, your data remain safe and secure, and you will be able to conduct any planned data collection and analysis. In October we will support your transition to the new interface. If you need a user account setup before then, email our team:

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