PARTNER Quick Start Guide

Congrats for getting started with the PARTNER Platform! PARTNER is a powerful tool for collecting and analyzing social network data to improve the way you collaborate. Here’s a short overview of how to get started with the Platform Free Trial. For more detailed instructions, visit our Knowledge Base, Tutorial Videos, or PARTNER Resource Page. You can also contact our Product Team:

Getting Started: Opening a Project

First, if you haven’t already, log into the PARTNER Platform:

  • Scroll down on the Platform Home, find the Practice Network Project, and click on it. This brings you to your Project Dashboard.
  • From here, find the first step and click on “Add Members” to navigate to the Network Member Manager. This is where we’ll get started.

1) Adding network members to your project

The first thing you’ll do to start a Project is add the members of your network.

  • On the Network Manager, click “Add Network Manager.”
  • In the screen that opens, complete as much information as possible.
  • You will need to include contact information for the specific person representing this entity.
  • Click ‘save’ to finish, or ‘Save and add another” to keep adding network members.

If you need help figuring out who you should include, visit our Brief on Bounding Your Network for advice and tips. 

2) Customize your questions & metrics.

Make sure you’re on the correct page, by clicking on ‘Customize’ at the top menu. 

  • The default questions are our validated survey. Customize each question and be sure to save.
  • To add a question, click ‘Add Question’ at the top, and select your question type. Scroll to the bottom, and further customize your new question.
  • To use one of our templates, click “Question Template” and select an option. Note: Selecting a template will erase your current questions.
  • You can change the order of questions by clicking the small up or down arrow at the top of each question box.

If you don’t know what questions to ask or information to collect, we recommend sticking with our default validated survey. Just customize the 19 questions to ensure they fit your situation, and continue on in the process.

3) Create emails & collect your data.

Ensure you’re on the Collect page by ‘Collect’ on the top header menu. 

  • To write your emails, click ‘Create Template’ on the top right.
  • Name your template and select the email type: introduction, invitation, or reminder. 
  • Customize your email settings and content, preview how it looks, and save it.

Once your templates are written, you need to set them up to send to your network members. 

  • Select your template name for the Intro, Invite and Reminder emails.
  • Under “Bulk Action” select “Send Emails” for the type you’d like.
  • In the new screen, review your settings, select which members to email, preview your text, and click “send”. 
  • Repeat this for each type of email to send them as you wish. 

4) Map and analyze your results.

In the Analysis & Mapping Tool, you have numerous options for analyzing your network data. 

  • In the Data Options Menu, select the relational question you’d like the results of. You can choose to layer an additional question result on the map.
  • Click “GIS Map” to visualize your data geographically if you included location data.
  • You can also view your network scores at the member or full network level.
  • Click “Charts & Graphs” to view your data as a table, bar, pie or column graph. 

5) Create and Share Visual Reports

We’re working hard to get our new Report Builder ready for your use. Check back soon as we hope to release this new PARTNER feature in the spring of 2020.