Member Management

Track and Manage Your Community Ecosystem Members

Organize Your Community Partner and Stakeholder Information and Data

Get rid of clunky CRMs designed for sales teams and start managing your community partner data with our powerful member management tools. Add unlimited attributes to record multiple data formats, including text, dates, times, numbers, and notes.

Member Management Features

Each feature is designed to provide deep insights and practical tools to manage your community relationships strategically.

Sort and Filter Member Data

Sort using attributes and survey responses to create custom views and lists.

Custom Member Attributes

Track an unlimited number of data points, like contact info, events, and notes.

Close Relationship Silos & Gaps

Track relationships across your organization with one source of truth.

Streamline your Community Partner Data Management

With PARTNER CPRM’s Member Management functionality, you can eliminate the need for archaic spreadsheets and clunky CRM software and keep track of all your community partner and stakeholder information in a single platform. Eliminate relationship silos across your organization and create a single source of truth regarding community collaboration.

The Benefits of
Member Management

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