PARTNER CPRM Features and Capabilities

PARTNER has features and capabilities for managing, mapping, and tracking your community partner ecosystem. Built using network science principles and tools, it’s uniquely able to collect and visualize relational data like interactions and trust. Here are some features that excite us most when using PARTNER with our clients and customers. 

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Project Dashboard

Your project dashboard shows all your critical data and information in one place. Check out your survey response and progress rates, explore individual responses, download your rad data, or dig in to your network map as it populates.

Survey Builder

Use the Survey Builder to create network surveys to gather relational data to map in the Network Analyzer. Use our validated community partner survey, pick from one of 12 topical templates, or start from scratch to create a custom survey.

Network Analyzer

Dig in and explore your relational data as it feeds in from your surveys and uploads. Layer your network data to identify key players, gaps, and redundancies to improve your network structure. Save your maps and visualizations to add to reports.

Member Manager

Upload each member of your network, including community partners, stakeholders, funders, and others in your ecosystem. Track contact information, survey responses, interactions and relational data, analyze them, send emails, and more.

Report Builder

As you explore your relational data and generate network maps and charts, you can begin adding them to create reports that share your visualizations, findings, and insights. Use a default report template, create your own, or order advanced reports from our team. 

Member Profiles

Generate a profile for each member of your network that shows their position within the broader network, their direct connections, trust and value scores, and other information they can use to strategize and demonstrate their impact to key stakeholders.

GIS Mapping

Add geographic data for each member of your network to map your network with arcGIS to generate place-based insights. Work with our team to add custom data layers like census or County Health Ranking and Roadmap data to link your network to local outcomes.

Public Dashboards

Create customized dashboards with network maps and visualizations to share with the public and members of the community. Show maps over time to demonstrate growth, add interaction options like filters to engage visitors, and tell a compelling story about your network.

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