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PARTNER is a suite of organizational network analysis tools.

organizational network analysis tools made easy!

The PARTNER Platform has organizational network analysis tools for every need. You can collect network data, explore the results, and leverage them for practice, all in one place. Connect with our online forum and Learning Lab to improve your network analysis skills and make the most of your analysis. Get started for free by registering for PARTNER to take a tour!

Explore network data with our organizational network analysis tools.


Our easy-to-use data dashboard lets you visualize your network data, analyze network metrics, and build reports to export. Find patterns and identify weak points to build a strategy for the future.

Collect network data with our organizational network analysis tools


If you have data already, upload it for free with our Data Uploader. Collect new network data using our Network Survey Builder or Person-Centered Network App right on your phone. Easily export and access data anytime.

Leverage network data with our organizational network analysis tools


Once you have your data, access our decades of network insights to leverage your findings. Attend trainings with our learning lab, access webinars and resources, and search through our Insights Library.

The best organizational network analysis tools


PARTNER has more ways to collect data than any other organizational network analysis tool on the market. Use our Data Uploader to analyze already collected data from any source, survey or tool. To collect new data, use our network survey builder to send a template or personalize survey to your organizational partners. You can also use the Person-Centered Network Application to collect network data on your phone or tablet at the personal-level. 

Advanced analytics & Visualization

Our organizational network analysis tools let you analyze both the structure and quality of your relationships. Use our legacy survey and its scientifically validated metrics to measure metrics like trust, mission-alignment, openness to communication, and other scores that dig deeper than who’s working with who. Finally, create a network maps to explore and visualize your results, and export them in a customizable report builder, all in one place.

Support & Training to leverage data

Get the support you need to make the most of our organizational network analysis tools. Access free demos and webinars anytime, and get a free 20 or 40 minute consultation with our network scientists with your subscription. Also, as a special thanks, all subscribers to the PARTNER platform receive a discount for all our Learning Lab workshops and events, along with access to our Insights Library of network science suggestions and advice.  

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