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PARTNER is our complete software solution for organizational network analysis projects. Use the Survey Builder to create network surveys, collect data with the built-in Email System, and map and analyze your results with the Network Analyzer and Report Builder. Our team of network scientists are here to help for custom projects and evaluations. Click here to get in touch and get started!

Organizational Network Analysis Tools
Whole Network Tracking

PARTNER is a CPRM (Community Partner Relationship Manager) designed to track not just how an organization interacts with its own partners, but how all of them interact with each other.

Scientifically Validated Metrics

A network map is only as good as the data that goes into it. PARTNER is built around our validated metrics, developed through decades of network science research and professional practice.

Mapping & Data Visualization

PARTNER’s robust network analyzer was built with a network science lens to help you quickly explore and leverage network connections. Use GIS Mapping for additional place-based insights.

Powered by network science and social network analysis.

Collaboration has excellent potential – working together increases access to new information, resources, and solutions. However, collaborating requires an investment of time and energy that you could spend elsewhere. How do you know if your network is creating a return from your investment of these critical resources?

Nearly a decade ago, we began developing PARTNER to fill this critical gap for networks. By analyzing the structure, quality, and agreement across a network of community partnerships, we can identify more efficient ways to collaborate and reach shared goals. Request a demo below to get started and see PARTNER CPRM for yourself.

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