Measuring Social Connectedness Among Agricultural Workers in the San Luis Valley

October 2021 – October 2023 // Colorado Project // PARTNERme Project

The Center for Health, Work & Environment at the Colorado School of Public Health educates future leaders, conducts research, and designs practical solutions to occupational health and safety challenges with our partners.

The Center for Health, Work & Environment is working with VNL to better support agriculture workers in the San Luis Valley (SLV), Colorado by understanding their personal networks (interpersonal, eco-centric network) and the network of community organizations and resources available to support them (inter-organizational, whole network). We will be using both the PARTNER CPRM and PARTNERme to collect data for this innovative research project partnership. 

Specifically, we’ll conduct two different types of analysis:

  1. We wll describe the personal networks and connections that agriculture workers, farm owner-operators, and migrant workers have to facilitate behavioral
    health care improvements.
  2. We will describe the connections among community organizations such as behavioral health providers, public health, immigrant resource centers, labor organizations, religious organizations, and agriculture and extension agencies and with agriculture workers.

Achieving these aims will identify strengths and limitations of the behavioral health networks for agriculture workers and elucidate barriers to available resources and services leading to the development of a community-developed intervention plan to improve behavioral health in agriculture workers.

Our Project Team

Dr. Rose Y. Hardy

Dr. Rose Hardy

Network Data Scientist

Jalece Wherry

Customer Success Manager

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