Mapping the National Technology Reuse Network to Advance Digital Equity

March 2022 – February 2023 // Nationwide Project // PARTNER CPRM Project

The mission of Digitunity is to eliminate the technology gap, through and with a network of stakeholders and solutions, so that everyone can thrive in a digitally connected society.

Digitunity is working to ensure everyone who needs a computer has one. We partner, lead, coordinate, educate, ignite and unite people, ideas and solutions.

The technology gap is too wide to work in silos, so we’re taking an innovative network approach to solving it. We’ve created the Digital Opportunity Network to engage, connect, and take action around game-changing ideas, all in service to fostering local-level impact. 1,300 members and growing, the Network includes individuals, nonprofit organizations, government, schools, and corporations, unified by the shared belief that everyone who needs a computer should have one. It’s a national approach that yields local results.

Digitunity is working with our team and using PARTNER to map their nationwide ecosystem of partners. Focusing on ten cities throughtout the country, we will to work to answer a set of questions and better understand the network, so they can identify opportunities for improvement and work more strategically. Some of the project’s guiding questions include:

  • What is the ecosystem of stakeholders engaged in advancing digital equity?
  • How do stakeholders work together?
  • What programs, policies, and practices do these stakeholders engage in?
  • What are the perceived roles of members in the network? What should they be?
  • To what degree have sustainable digital inclusion practices been adopted?
  • What factors act as facilitators and barriers to achieving digital equity?

These results will help inform Digitunity’s strategy moving forward as they continue to build and leverage their nationwide network of community partners.

Our Project Team

Kaley Bachinski

Kaley Bachinski, Msc

Senior Project Manager

Alena Lidey

Alena Lidey

Customer Success Manager

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