Introducing the Jefferson County CPRM: Live Webinar

Mapping and Managing Community Partner Relationships Across Jefferson County, Colorado

WHEN: Wednesday, February 7, 12pm – 1pm MT | WHERE: Zoom Webinar

When engaging in systems change to strengthen communities, collaboration is critical. Community nonprofits, local governments, businesses, and funders increasingly choose to build partnerships and coalitions to solve difficult problems. 

However, with no easy way to see the existing connections in their community, they usually have to start from scratch, wasting precious resources and time while missing out on unique opportunities.

To address this growing gap, Jefferson County, Colorado, is implementing the first-ever countywide community partner relationship management (CPRM) ecosystem to bring together this critical data and make it accessible for more effective and strategic collaboration. 

During this webinar, we will introduce the JeffCo CPRM, show how it works, explore the county-wide collaborative ecosystem, and share how your organization and partners can leverage its insights in practice. 

We hope you can join us! (If you cannot attend, you will receive an on-demand recording you can watch later).

Webinar Registration

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