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PARTNER has been used in hundreds of network evaluations and research studies all around the world. We’ve been featured in numerous journals that span numerous disciplines. Below is a collection of studies and evaluations conducted using the PARTNER Platform or its predecessor, the PARTNER Tool.

Published Research using PARTNER CPRM

Resilience and fragmentation in healthcare coalitions: The link between resource contributions and centrality in health-related interorganizational networks

In this study, collaborative healthcare resilience was assessed by analyzing key players, core-periphery structure, and fragmentation centrality using PARTNER CPRM.

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Implementation of cross-sector partnerships: a description of implementation factors related to addressing social determinants

This study provides practical insights for healthcare organizations, policymakers, and community organizations that aim to improve access to social services.

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Network Analysis of Organizations Providing HIV Services in Chicago: Toward an Integrated Response to the HIV Epidemic

Using network analysis, this study examined ties between community agencies and assessed perceptions of collaboration and competitiveness in the current HIV prevention system.

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Social Network Analysis as a Tool to Inform a Children's Hospital's Efforts to Improve Population Health

The study demonstrates the potential of a children’s hospital’s programs to provide social capital in the form of bonding, bridging, and linking relationships.

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Exploring Distributed Leadership in the BC Sepsis Network

A study on the British Columbia Sepsis Network, a coalition of emergency medicine practitioners throughout Canada, using PARTNER and social network analysis.

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Assessing Collaboration in a National Research Partnership in Quality Improvement in Indigenous Primary Health Care: A Network Approach

This paper assess a collaborative program that aims to improve health and well-being for indigenous communities.

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Partnership Capacity for Community Health Improvement Plan Implementation: Findings From a Social Network Analysis

This paper identified characteristics of the network involved in implementing the CHIP in one large community.

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Structures and Practices of Cross-Sector Engagement in Counter-Human Trafficking Coalitions in the Global South

This paper helps redress the dearth of research on coalitions combating human trafficking in the Global South.

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The BC Emergency Medicine Network: Evaluation approach and early findings

This paper shares the network evaluation and approach utilized by the BC Emergency Medicine Network, along with early findings from their project.

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Local Health-Related Capacities in the Northern Haiti Post-Earthquake Response

The study identifies available local health-related resources, examines how these were, or were not, utilized in response efforts; and evaluates the level of coordination among health delivery groups.

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Rapid Organizational Network Analysis To Assess Coordination of Services for HIV Testing Clients: An Exploratory Study

This study analyzes 26 health and social service organizations to determine the breadth and quality of connections between partners.

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U.S. Army Commander’s Ready and Resilient Councils: Fostering Collaboration in Community Health

This project was introduced during the American Public Health Association Conference on collaboration within the Ready & Resilient Councils of the US Army.

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Using Social Network Analysis to Strengthen Organizational Relationships to Better Serve Expectant and Parenting Young People

This paper reviews the Pathways to Success program using social network analysis to strengthen their network of support for young parents.

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Evaluations Completed Using PARTNER CPRM

The Kids Count Grantee Network Evaluation

Funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, this 53-member network was evaluated using PARTNER.

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Falls Campaign Organizational Network Analysis - CPWR

This evaluation analyzed a cross-sector coalition disseminating workplace safety best practices in the construction industry.

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CU Boulder Community Partnership Evaluation

This 2018 evaluation conducted a social network analysis of CU-Boulder’s partnerships in Delta County, Colorado.

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Marion County Public Health System Social Network Analysis

This evaluation used PARTNER to evaluate a network of 59 partners of the Marion County Public Health Department.

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Structural Assessment of a Community Service Network

This evaluation analyzed the Pathways to a Healthy Bernalillo County Network using the PARTNER Platform.

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A Social Network Analysis of the Regional Health Connectors

This project evaluated the Colorado Regional Health Connector program to measure their process building & strengthening networks.

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Florida’s Maternal, Infant & Early Childhood Home Visiting Program Evaluation Plan

This participatory evaluation Chiles Center for Healthy Mothers & Babies used this Evaluation Plan for their home visitation programs.

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Oregon Project LAUNCH Early Childhood Evaluation

This paper presents evaluation findings for the Oregon LAUNCH Project, which focused on improving early childhood collaboration in Deschutes County, Oregon.

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Social Network Gap Analysis Evaluation: A Case Study of the Southeastern Health Equity Council

This evaluation evaluates the Southeastern Health Equity Council by analyzing the structure and quality of connections, providing recommendations for strategic improvement.

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