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We have helped dozens of foundations evaluate their programs and impact, build better collaborative strategies, and leverage their networks & partnerships more effectively. 

Building connections, enhancing collaboration, and driving success in education with PARTNER CPRM

In today’s complex education landscape, K12 school districts must forge strong community connections to drive success. PARTNER CPRM offers a network science-driven solution that maps and analyzes community partnerships, transforming how districts engage with parents and families, local businesses, community-based organizations, and other stakeholders. Discover the future of community engagement with PARTNER CPRM.

Manage, map, and strengthen your network of community partners

PARTNER CPRM recognizes the unique needs of K12 education, providing tools that:

  • Visualize Community Connections: Map out interactions between schools, parents, community organizations, and local businesses, identifying key players.
  • Strategically Align Resources: Guide interventions, programs, and support based on real-time community insights.
  • Assess Partnership Quality: Monitor the trust and value of relationships with scientifically validated metrics.
  • Foster Collaboration: Enable efficient communication and joint efforts through streamlined processes.

Trusted by leaders in education...

PARTNER CPRM helps K12 districts shift to a strategic mindset, building meaningful relationships that align with shared educational goals. Work to understand your community, map connections, create data-driven strategies, and tell the compelling story of your network. Meet some of our partners in education below.

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