Become an Evaluator Partner with VNL

We often get requests to use PARTNER CPRM for third-party evaluation or consulting projects. That’s why we created our Evaluator Partner program. This allows you to use PARTNER CPRM and our unique approach with your own clients and customers with support and training from our team, while also supporting the development of additional features with a fee agreement.

Learn more by requesting an Information Packet from our team below.

How It Works

We built PARTNER CPRM to ensure data ends up in the hands of the community. With that core value in mind, we require our evaluator partners to register a license for each client or community and register it in their name so they can build capacity to access and leverage their network data on their own in the long run.

We also require the purchase of our ‘Self-Guided’ $8,000 Onboarding Package for each client you work with to get TA support from our team, account setup and design assistance, and to ensure they have the capacity-building resources and tools required to succeed.

Lastly, we charge a per use Partner Agreement fee to support continued product updates and provide technical support and assistance from a team, with optional additional consulting, evaluation, or reporting assistance negotiable on a per-use basis. 

To learn more, request and review our Evaluator Partner Information Packet which shares next steps to get started. We appreciate your interest in PARTNER CPRM and Visible Network Labs!

Request an Evaluator Partner Information Packet

Share some info with our team and we’ll be in touch shortly with an Information Packet with more details about our Evaluator Partner Program and Agreement. Thank you for your interest!