Evaluating the Apprentice of Peace Youth Organization (AOPYO) Mentor Program

October 2022 – May 2023 // Colorado // PARTNERme Project

Apprentices of Peace Youth Organization is dedicated to the holistic development of students through a comprehensive approach encompassing mentoring, enrichment, and career pathway programs. With a strong commitment to empowering young individuals, they aim to nurture their growth and equip them to succeed in all aspects of life.

At the heart of Apprentices of Peace is a vision to create a world where students thrive as resilient, self-sufficient, and socially responsible leaders in their communities. By fostering a supportive environment and offering a range of educational and personal development opportunities, the organization strives to empower students to reach their full potential.

VNL is working to evaluate the impact of AOPYO’s pilot mentor program over two semesters. Our PARTNERme social health assessment tool will be implemented across four locations in the Denver area including two high schools and two juvenile detention centers.

By providing insight on the participants social connectedness, trust, and support at two points in time, we can help AOPYO identify where they are strengthen social ties, and where there are gaps for improvement. This data will be used to adapt the pilot program before it expands to additional schools and detention centers.

Our Project Team

Kaley Bachinski, M.Sc.

VP of Data Science & Implementation

Marissa Baron, M.P.H.

Senior Project Manager

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