Our Customer Service Philosophy

Our customer service philosophy serves as the foundation to guide our decisions and interactions with partners and the communities/individuals they serve, helping us to realize our vision and accomplish our mission at VNL. 

From design and implementation to support and capacity training, we offer our partners much more than software. We have decades of experience serving communities with a dedicated team who have a broad range of expertise in research and project design, data science and analysis, capacity training and technical assistance and technology development with the user as our focus. We have worked with partners on many topics, including social connectedness, health and wellbeing, maternal and child health, suicide prevention, education, and many others.

Commitment, communication, authenticity, quality, and continuous learning are at the forefront of everything we do. 

Unequivocally Committed

We honor our agreements by providing a high quality product within the timeline promised. We align expectations with partners around implementation to ensure a productive partnership. We recognize the importance of personal and professional commitments and the need to have balance in our lives to be successful. 

Effective Communication

We strive to answer questions, resolve issues, and respond to communications with rapid response times (24-48 hours) to ensure your project is moving forward and meeting target milestones. We set clear meeting agendas and follow up with expected next steps so everyone is well-informed on what is happening as the project progresses. 

Authentic Relationships

We are present with our clients, engaged in honest and open conversation, speaking truthfully and valuing their input and the input of the community as subject matter experts. Whether at the individual, local, state or national level, we seek to understand what people need. We value diversity, authenticity, and collaboration in our relationships. We pride ourselves on being trustworthy, credible, and culturally competent in our relationships with partners and how we translate data/information to the communities they serve.

High-Quality Innovation

We strive to be an organization committed to high quality innovative approaches to our work and our products. We seek to partner with those who are intellectually curious and who desire to bring solutions to impact social change using data and technology.

Continuous Learning

We recognize the evolving nature of our work and the experiences of people in communities. We learn from our partners, communities, and each other. We are open to new ideas and approaches and want our work to reflect our emergent knowledge and experiences as we tackle the pressing problems and issues facing our communities.

Connect with our Team!

Contact the VNL team to demo PARTNER™ or discuss a research or evaluation project. We can help you learn more about our services, help brainstorm project designs, and provide a custom scope based on your budget and needs. We look forward to connecting! 

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