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“I would recommend PARTNER to other projects considering using this platform. It’s able to measure relationships in a meaningful way. We’ve used our PARTNER results on grant applications that want to give money to organizations that are highly skilled at collaborating and with PARTNER, we are able to show that we are!”

Karen Trautman

Mile High Health Alliance

“The visual network diagrams are powerful! Once the shapes, colors and lines are explained to our partners, funders and donors, you could literally see their faces brighten with interest and intrigue. Subsequent productive questions abound! The tool I used the most is the spreadsheet that displays our connectivity, trust, & value scores together. Such a powerful tool!”

Dr. Kameron Hodgens

The Glasser/Schoenbaum Human Services Center

“Using PARTNER fundamentally transformed our work. It gave us insight not only into how well we were doing as a network, but also formed our strategic approach to development, continuous improvement and outcomes. It showed us how our network positively impacted our community’s ability to support Early Childhood Development outcomes.”

Blythe Butler

First 2000 Days Network