Person-Centered Network App
A flexible tool for integrating person-centered network data.

The PCN App is a mobile tool that allows caring professionals like doctors and social workers to visualize the personal support networks of those they serve. The app makes it easy to identify and fill gaps in support, link to available support resources, and ultimately improve outcomes of care. While still in beta testing and development, the PCN App has already been tested in numerous studies and programs, and we are always looking for new pilot partners.

How does it work?

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What Questions Can the PCN App Answer?

-Who helps my client with food, transportation, and other needs?
-What do personal support networks looks like?
-Where are there gaps in social support service coverage?
-What opportunities exist for new collaboration to meet SDOH needs.
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A flexible tool for gathering network data.

The PCN App can be downloaded on any phone or tablet and used directly with patients and clients. Users are screened using customizable surveys, and asked to answer questions about their support networks. The tool creates a network map to visualize gaps, while connecting to a database of care providers to help connect them to resources.

A case use for measuring social determinants of health.

What our pilot testers think.

  • “The PCN App has the potential to change the way care is provided to patients. It illustrates how important it is to ask questions to patients that will get us to a better understanding of their system.”

    Dr. Rachel Graham

    National Coordinating Center for Public Health Services
  • The PCN App is groundbreaking with the potential to reach a greater number of people, greatly eliminate human error and communicates to the patient/client that the system is something that will adapt around them. I very much enjoyed being a part of this pilot experience. I learned something new about the way technology and mental health can work together to offer the best care possible.

    PCN App Pilot Tester