Starting an evaluation of a coalition, network or other inter-organizational partnership isn’t easy. Join Leah Perkinson of Evergreen Consulting for an hour-long discussion on planning your evaluation the right way to make the most of your analysis. 

Leah is an Evaluation Consultant with Evergreen Consulting based in Burlington, Vermont. In this role, she conducts process and outcome evaluations for national training and technical assistance centers. This includes designing and implementing surveys, conducting in-depth interviews and focus groups, and developing case studies based on findings. She is a Network Leadership Training Academy and Network Leadership Workshop graduate.

Past Webinar Archive

These free webinars are based on the premise that everyone involved in a network requires network leadership skills in order to be an active, effective member of a network. Come learn how Network Leadership applies to the ongoing, everyday work of building, managing, and evaluating effective networks.

Oct 26 2017 Webinar: Building Resilient Community Networks in Challenging Times

Presenter: Jenna Bannon, Denver’s Early Childhood Council When the Rules Don't Apply: There is an art and science to building a network. But what happens when what you think you know about networks is challenged by things you haven't considered? Join the Center on Network [...]

Sept 18 2017 Webinar: Collaboration Launchpad: Sparking your Network’s Connections

Click here to see our Upcoming Webinars Collaboration Launchpad: Sparking your Network’s Connections. The first step to forming a network is getting the right people in the room. The second step is to get them talking to one another. Join Katie Edwards, Executive Director, of [...]

March 15, 2017 Webinar: Mixed Method Approach to Assess a Network Intervention of Public & Private Sector Partners: The Example of Million Hearts

Click Here to see our Upcoming Webinars More and more a “network intervention” is the chosen approach for addressing complex public health issues. This webinar will provide an example of network intervention by highlighting the Million Hearts Initiative’s (MHI), an initiative of the Center for [...]

Feb 15 2017 Webinar: Leading Networks toward Action: How to Facilitate Effective Discussions with Groups of Diverse Stakeholders

Presenter: Kap Wilkes, Director of Program Development, National Rural Health Resource Center More and more organizations, groups, and industries are recognizing that complex issues can't be addressed from one direction alone. To achieve sustainable outcomes, representatives of diverse stakeholder groups are coming together in networks [...]

Jan 26, 2017 Webinar: A Network Approach to Fostering Empowerment, Leadership & Innovation within Public Sector Agencies

Click here to See our Upcoming Webinars As the pace of change accelerates globally, institutions designed to function in simpler times are strained. As task complexities increase, budgets are being simultaneously trimmed and public sector employees are increasingly taking on more work. Often this tendency [...]

Dec 13, 2016 Webinar: Using Network Analysis to Evaluate Early Childhood Systems of Care

Join this webinar to learn about using social network analysis to better understand, leverage, and evaluate organizations collaborating together. SAMHSA’s (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) Project LAUNCH sites are pioneering new ways to promote young children’s wellness by funding states and tribes to [...]