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The PARTNER Tool you know has expanded! Our legacy survey and analysis tools are solidly in place, while we have expanded PARTNER’s capability to create your own survey, collect personal network data using our mobile app, and manage all your projects in a powerful online data dashboard and reporting system. The world is becoming more complex – PARTNER is helping you make sense of it all. The tool you trust, even better than before. Take a tour of all our new products below!

We are all connected in complex ways to each other, but these networked connections are mostly invisible, and often difficult to leverage. Tracking the dynamic nature of networks and assessing the quality and content of relationships can provide the visibility to leverage networks for good.

Yet getting this information can be challenging and making sense of it even harder.

PARTNER is a powerful platform that that leverages network science to easily collect, visualize, analyze, and make sense of connected data.

Person-Centered Network App

Collect Network Data Using Our Validated Network Surveys

We make collecting network data incredibly simple, with validated network surveys so you don't have to start from scratch. You can quickly send out a survey to your whole network using PARTNER, or use our mobile Person-Centered Network App to collect data quickly, wherever you are, when you need it.

Data Dashboard

Analyze, Visualize, and Report Out Your Data In One Place

All of our data collection tools link to our data dashboards with powerful analytics and visualizations. No need to clean data, or use another program, or figure out how to analyze. Immediately access your data online or for download. And because we keep it all in one place for you, you can easily manage multiple projects share with your team, and build your own reports.

Support to Help You Make Sense of Your Data

We know that the best part of any project is making sense of the data and translating it into practice. But this is not always easy. In our Learning Lab, you can connect with a whole community of people doing similar work, attend trainings and webinars, and get access to our library of resources. Also access our Insights Library

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