Alex Derr

Don’t Fall for These 5 Network Myths


Common misconceptions and myths are everywhere these days: Wait 30 minutes before swimming after a meal - convincing, but also unnecessary according to science. The Five Second Rule? Less about keeping us safe, and more about making us feel safe. So why can't we get [...]

Don’t Fall for These 5 Network Myths2019-07-12T18:17:34-06:00

Creating a Data-Driven Network Strategy


Working with networks and partnerships is difficult. Most of us working with cross-sector community networks are relatively new to the field. As an evolving area of practice, there’s still a shortage of resources out there to help you do your job better. How do you [...]

Creating a Data-Driven Network Strategy2019-02-09T18:11:17-06:00

Top Five Network Leadership Resources


As more and more organizations partner together to share resources and increase their impact, we are witnessing the development of an entirely new field, which we like to call “Network Leadership”. Unlike traditional leadership which relies on hierarchies and clearly defined authority, network leadership is [...]

Top Five Network Leadership Resources2019-02-09T18:43:38-06:00

Why We Trust Some Leaders: 5 Key Traits for Trust


Like most forms of leadership, trust is the foundation of network leadership. In fact it’s particularly important for collaborative situations, where leaders usually cannot claim formal authority, and rely on voluntary agreements for resources and decision-making. When trust in a network or coalition breaks down, [...]

Why We Trust Some Leaders: 5 Key Traits for Trust2019-04-30T16:16:29-06:00

From Scientist to Start-up: Our Story


With nearly two decades of combined team experience conducting network science research and evaluations, Visible Network Labs is the culmination of many years of hard work. Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds, including network science, policy research, training and software development. However the [...]

From Scientist to Start-up: Our Story2019-02-08T18:15:37-06:00