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Grab and Go Packages

Use the PARTNER Community Partner Relationship Management platform for one-time organizational mapping projects or as a management and tracking tool over time. Explore our packages below and contact our sales team to learn more and get started.

Grab and Go Package

A standard plan includes access to our default survey and system to map, measure, and track your network without any customization.

$550 Monthly

$5,000 Annually (save $1,600)

Grab and Go Package

A pro plan includes advanced customization so you can personalize your survey, attributes, network maps, and unlock advanced features.

$750 Monthly

$8,000 Annually (save $1,000)

Interested in having our team implement PARTNER CPRM on your behalf? Click here to learn about our expert services.

PARTNER CPRM Add-On Features

Add any of these features to your Grab and Go subscription for an additional fee to unlock new functionality and analysis potential.


Create your own custom member profiles with the network maps and data you care about most to get even more value from this feature.

-Available Now-

$2,500 Annually
Comparative Tracking

Track how your network is changing over time in the network analyzer, or compare two different network maps at a single point in time.

-Coming Soon-

$3,000 Annually

Create a custom Report Template to automatically generate and share personalized reports with your stakeholders and partners.

-Coming Soon-

$2,000 Annually

Allow your partners and stakeholders to access your PARTNER surveys, network visualizations, and reports with collaborator licenses.

-Coming Soon-

$100 Per User

Software and Service Package

Use PARTNERme for patient screening over time, or for point-in-time research projects and evaluations. All packages come with varying levels of VNL expert services to support your implementation and use of PARTNERme. Contact our team to get started or learn more.

Standard Package

Our team will work with your organization to understand your needs, get your team trained, develop a customized workflow, and implement our PARTNERme screening and referral tool with your team. Packages include a PARTNERme subscription fee (paid annually) and a service fee for our expert support. 

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