Social Network Visualizer: A Fantastic Mapping Tool

Networks are everywhere around us: at home, and at work, we form innumerable webs of invisible social connections between ourselves and our friends, family, coworkers and partners. PARTNER is our all-in-one platform for social network analysis, including our social network visualizer. You can use to collect network data from others and then map your results. Here’s how it works. 

What is a Social Network Visualizer?

Social network analysis is a powerful method for visualizing, mapping and understanding an interconnected web of relationships. PARTNER, our social network visualizer, displays these connections in an interactive format you can analyze and explore. You can layer data on your maps to identify patterns in the way your network trusts each other or interacts. With more than a dozen network structure and quality metrics, you’ll get all the data you need to build smarter, more strategic networks in the future. Learn more below!

Social Network Visualizer

How Does PARTNER Work?

First, use PARTNER’s Survey Builder to customize our community partner validated survey to share with your network. Once completed, you can use PARTNER’s built-in social network visualizer to map and analyze your network results, including both your structure and quality of connections. Finally, you can build or order visual reports to share your analysis and results with both internal and external stakeholders. Get in touch with our team to learn more about your purchasing options.

What can a Social Network Visualizer Show You?

Explore the Structure of Connections

All social networks have a unique structure. Track how your network’s connections change, adapt and grow over time.

Social Network Visualizer

Measure the Quality of Connections

Understand the trust and value of each relationship in your network with our scientifically validated quality metrics.

Social Network Visualizer

Connect Multiple
System Levels

Use PARTNERme to add multiple levels of network analysis, connecting the individual and systems levels.

Social Network Visualizer

Key Leverage Points

Identify key players and influential members of your network so you can leverage them more effectively.

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Social Network Visualizer