Social Network Analysis Software for Social Impact

Social network analysis software can be a huge tool for those working towards social impact – especially if they’re taking a network of systems approach to do so. By analyzing your interconnected network of partners working for change, you can find better ways to structure your partnerships, pinpoint which connections need attention, identify key leverage points, and more!

Social Network Analysis Software & Social Impact

In the world of social impact today, taking a network or systems approach is a common way to bring about positive social change. For example, a group focused on food security may work with groups focused on homelessness, poverty, education, & healthcare, due to the systemic nature of our food systems.

Social network analysis is a huge asset in this kind network context, giving you visibility and data about who works with who, in terms of both the structure and quality of your interconnections. This gives you valuable insight to help adapt and improve your network over time to achieve greater social impact. Our platform for social network analysis, PARTNER, was created for this exact purpose.

Social Network Analysis Software

What Can Our Social Network Analysis Software Do?

Social network analysis software

Improve your Network Structure

All networks have a structure – the way individual entities interconnect. SNA provides data so you can intentionally build more strategic structures.

social network analysis software

Measure the Quality of Connections

Use our validated measures for trust and value, along with traditional network science metrics to track how your relationships change over time.

Social network analysis software

Find New Resources & Value to Share

Visualize resource-sharing and different kinds of value in your network to identify how your network can leverage them more effectively.

social network analysis software

Identify Key Players in the Network

Identify power brokers, influencers, connectors, and other key players in your network to help you advance your mission & goals.

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