Our Social Connectedness Scale

Social connectedness – our relationships with others – is a significant determinant of our health and well-being. Our friends and family provide emotional support, connect us to new opportunities and resources, and help us live happier, healthier lives. We created a social connectedness scale to help researchers and care providers measure their patients’ adverse social connectedness and intervene if necessary. Learn more below!

Introducing our PARTNERme Social Connectedness Scale

It can be difficult to measure social connectedness because of the numerous dimensions of connectivity that exist, along with the importance of individual perceptions. There must be a consideration of objective measures of connectivity, along with an individual’s subjective feeling of loneliness. Similarly, you must consider both the quantity and quality of relationships.

With these factors in mind, we set out to create a new social connectedness scale that incorporates objective and subjective measures, and considers both the quantity and quality of a person’s social connectedness. Our social connectedness screening tool, PARTNERme, helps collect all these measures from individuals to produce a comprehensive social connectedness score.

Our Scale Includes 3 Component Measures

Ecosystem Mapping

The Density of their Social Support Network

The first component of the social connectedness scale measures the lack of coordination within the support network. A higher value here indicates less coordination within the support network.

Ecosystem Mapping

Quantity & Quality
of Their Social Connections

The second component is a weighted average of the relationships in the support network based on the respondents’ perceptions of trust and dependency on these relationships.

Perceived Overall Level of Social Support

The third component of the social connectedness measure is the individual’s own perception of their overall level of social support. This can differ dramatically from the objective quality of their network.

How Does It Work in Practice?

PARTNERme implements our social connectedness scale in clinical healthcare settings to measure patient social connectedness, allowing providers to identify high-risk individuals and connect them to resources to intervene. The tool first asks them to list their social needs, and then asks them who helps them with them. It collects info on who works together within their network, and how much they trust and depend on each support member. Lastly, it asks them for their perceived level of support. The tool creates a final social connectedness score, ranging from 1 (low connectedness) to 4 (high connectedness).

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