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We’ve done a lot of research and written many papers over our decades of time studying social connectedness. Topics range from community carrying capacity and referrals to systems of care, social capital, and the social determinants of health. Here are all our peer-reviewed articles and other scientific papers free to read and use for non-commercial purposes. Check back for new research – we regularly publish new findings and papers.

Health System Patient Referrals for Unmet Social Needs

Health System Patient Referrals for Unmet Social Needs: Exploring the Capacity of Community-Based Organizations to Absorb Them

We conducted this research to better understand the capacity of community organizations to abosrb health system patient referrals for unmet social needs. This study examines the perspectives, resources, role and services provided by community-based organisations (CBOs) in response to the integration of health and social

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Social capital and health care access

Social Capital & Health Care Access: A Systematic Review

There is a growing interest in community-level characteristics such as the relationship or link between social capital and health care access. To assess the rigor with which this construct has been empirically applied in research on health care access, a systematic review was conducted. A

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