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We create our social connectedness blog to help our users understand network concepts, metrics and ideas. Some examples include social isolation and loneliness, the effects of adverse connectedness, communication, facilitation, trust and power. We’re always adding new social connectedness blogs too – check back regularly! 

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what are the social determinants of health?

What Are the Social Determinants of Health?

Only 10-20% of our health outcomes are determined by what happens in a medical clinic. You read that right. Just 10-20%!  The other 80-90% results from our health behaviors, where we live, and other factors like access to housing, food, and social support. We call

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SDOH Screening Tools

SDOH Screening Tools: 5 Key Factors to Consider

The importance of the social determinants of health is becoming more and more well-known among healthcare providers and practitioners. By helping patients meet their social needs like housing, transportation, food security and education, research suggests we can improve their overall health and well-being in ways

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Social Connection Quotes

Social Connection Quotes | Our 33 Favorite Quotes

In this age of COVID-19, separation and distance from our friends and loved ones is becoming the new normal. As our social connectedness is strained more than ever before, it’s important to be reminded of the importance connection plays in our lives. As we’ve said

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