We can help you map, track, and strengthen your network's impact.

Our team of experts help organizations map and visualize their community partnerships, measure their collaborative impact, and build strategies to scale their impact in the future. Learn more about our team and expertise or contact us to get started!

Why Work With our Experts?

Our team of experts has a broad skillset and diverse backgrounds to create uniquely valuable insights related to network science, community collaboration, systems change, and social connectedness. With a focus on relationships and community expertise, we work with our partners – not for them – to build your capacity while generating new ideas and innovation. Get to know our team of network scientists and data analysts below.

Marissa Baron

Marissa Baron, M.P.H.

Senior project

Kaley Bachinski

Kaley Bachinski, Msc

Project Manager

Andy Zheng

Andy Zhang,

Senior Data

Jalece Wherry

Jalece Wherry, M.H.A.

Customer Success

Alena Lidey

Alena Lidey (she/her)

Customer Success

Dr. Danielle

CEO, Founder, & Network Scientist

Sara Sprong

Sara Sprong,

VP of Customer

Dr. Jennifer Lawlor

Dr. Jennifer Lawlor, PhD

Network Data

Lea Xenakis

Lea Xenakis,

Director of Research and Evaluation

Kendall Warwick-Diaz

Kendall Warwick-Diaz

Network Data

Our Areas of Expertise

Our team brings together a mix of skills, knowledge, and experience to provide a unique set of services. We provide expert advice and recommendations while taking time to understand your unique history and context. We believe our clients and partners are the primary experts in their field, and work to provide them data and evidence to make better decisions – rather than making those decisions for them.

Measure your network's impact

Network Evaluation

Our experts can help you evaluate and demonstrate your impact using process and outcome network measures.

Learn how to tell a compelling story with your network data

Network Visualization

Our network analysts create compelling maps and visualizations to tell your story to stakeholders and drive action.

Customize your network science tools

Tech Development

Our in-house developers can create custom features and tools to help solve difficult-to-answer problems.

Discover insights to inform your strategy

Strategy Design

We can help translate your data into actionable insights to inform your strategy and collaborate more effectively.

Enhance your network's capacity

Training & Coaching

Learn to build, manage, and evaluate networks through training, coaching and support from our experts.

Get comprehensive project support from start-to-finish

Comprehensive Project Design

Our team can help you get started, identify learning goals, design your project, and implement it from start-to-finish.

Our Services

Depending on your needs, we provide two types of services. Onboarding services are perfect for your initial implementation of PARTNER CPRM. Enterprise services are ideal for one-time research projects, evaluations, advanced analytics, and other unique case uses. If you aren’t sure what you need, Contact our team; we can help you pick the right package for your specific needs.

Onboarding Services

Collaborate with VNL experts to set up your measures and features using the PARTNER CPRM platform. Starting with our question sets and validated measures, we build out your options for data entry and reporting to meet your needs and goals. By the end of setup, your organization will be ready to track partnerships daily, view results instantly in the analyzer and dashboards, and generate reports. 

Standard Onboarding

Standard Onboarding Package

Our standard onboarding process includes 30 hours of technical assistance, initial planning support, and a standard setup of your platform.
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Premium Onboarding

Premium Onboarding Package

Our premium onboarding process includes 50 hours of technical assistance, custom metrics, planning support, and a standard setup of your platform.
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Customized Onboarding

Customized Onboarding Package

Our customized onboarding process includes 80 hours of technical assistance, custom metrics, and a full cycle of data collection, analysis, and reporting.
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Enterprise Services

With enterprise packages, our experts provide completely customized services, including start-to-finish research, evaluations, and assessments. This includes program and network evaluations, networks of networks tracking and mapping, research and development initiatives, and other complex projects involving advanced analytics and reporting. 

Enterprise packages are custom quoted based on your project needs and requirements. Click here for pricing info.

What Our Clients Say...

Learn About our Ongoing Projects

December 2020 – Ongoing // Colorado Project // PARTNERme Learn About the Project Partnering with the CO Center for Primary Care Innovation to integrate social connectedness screening at the Westminster Medical Clinic. Visible Network Labs and the Colorado Center for Primary Care Innovation are partnering

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November 2021 – Ongoing // California Project // PARTNER CPRM Learn About the Project Working collaboratively to integrate programs and services that improve whole-person care while reducing multiple forms of violence in Azusa. All in for Azusa (AIFA) and Healthy San Gabriel Valley (HSGV) are

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How We Work With Clients

While our team can customize our plans to fit your needs, most projects follow a standard timeline that walks through the steps of our PARTNER Method for building data-driven network strategies. Here is what a typical project looks like.

Shift Your Mindset & Build a Foundation

We start with a webinar called “Thinking Like a Network Scientist” to reframe the way you think about building and evaluating networks.

Design a Survey & Identify Partners

Our experts will work with you to identify the questions you want to ask, and help determine who you want to survey in and around your network.

Launch the Survey & Analyze Results

After pilot tests we will launch your survey and begin mapping and analyzing your results as they come in, focusing on key actionable insights.

Create & Share Your Network Reports

We will assemble your data, along with key network maps and visualizations, in a series of Highlight and Full Reports for you to share with your network.

Build Your Network Capacity for the Future

As we near the end of our engagement our team will help empower you to use this tracking system in the future with training, coaches, and other resources to build your network science capacity.

Let's Connect!

If you are curious about working with our team please send us a message. We look forward to connecting!