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Enterprise Service Packages

Looking for someone to assist with collecting, analyzing, mapping, and interpreting your PARTNER data? Our Data Science team is here to help. We offer a range of packages to provide expert network science consulting and project management services for our customers and clients. Learn more about our packages below or contact our team to get started.

Tier One Service Package

Our team will help you set up your project and design your survey without special customization or personalization.


Tier Two Service Package

Our team will help you carry out your entire project and provide significant customization throughout the process.


Tier Three Service Package

Our team will work to create new features or technology and conduct original, innovative research using PARTNER CPRM.


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Why Work With Us?

Our team is uniquely suited to collect, analyze, and interpret complex network data to inform your practice. Whether you want help designing a project, collecting data, or creating reports, we can help.

  • Experience & Education: 3 Doctorates, 5 Graduate Degrees, and 50+ years of experience in the field.
  • Wide-ranging expertise in network science, data science, design thinking, research, and evaluation.
  • Experience working with more than 200 organizations from all over the United States and four continents. 

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