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Use the PARTNER Community Partner Relationship Management platform for one-time organizational mapping projects or as a management and tracking tool over time. Explore our packages below and contact our sales team to learn more and get started.

Highlights Report

As a highly visual 2-3 page overview of your results, the Highlights Report is ideal for sharing your story with external stakeholders and community members.

$900 per Report

Full Report

Full Report

As a 15+ page comprehensive review of all your data and findings, the Full Report is ideal for internal strategizing, funding applications, and quality improvement efforts.

$2,450 per Report

Comparison Report

As a 15+ page comparison of two networks or one network at two points in time, the Comparison Report is ideal to track your progress over time and benchmark progress.

$4,300 per Report

Full Report

Sub-Network Analysis Brief

As a 2-5 page in-depth review of a specific sub-section of your network, the Sub-Network Analysis Brief is ideal for sharing with specific sectors or sub-groups within your network.

$1,500 per Report

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