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We know that you need to “do something” with your data. While we recommend engaging in the learning lab’s resources and network insight features of PARTNER, we give you a simple way to build out a complete report with just a few steps. You can drag and drop all your network maps, data graphs, and any network insights that you select into your report builder. With options to edit, customize, and add your text to the report, you can have your project complete within minutes. You can also use our default report builder, which makes the whole process even easier. Coming soon is an equally easy-to-use presentation builder. Just drag, select, edit, and hit send!

Transform your network with partner today!


All our tool users have access to best in the industry support, including email and phone communication with VNL Product Specialists, along with numerous opportunities for training and technical assistance.


We provide both structural and quality metrics (dependent on your data source), to measure trust, mission-alignment and other key factors across the network and within any one relationship.

EASY to use interface

The Data Dashboard was created with ease of use in mind. No coding skills are required. If you use our built-in survey builder, you can collect, analyze & visualize network data all in the same platform.

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