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When your co-worker or partner uses the link to subscribe, you both get 25% off your monthly subscription. If you upgrade later on, you keep your discount. It’s that easy! Share your link via social media or email quick and easy. Click the button below to get started.

What can partner do for your network?

The PARTNER Platform is a powerful suite of tools to help you capture, explore, and leverage network data to improve the way you collaborate. Whether you’re working with a network of organizations, individuals, or resources, PARTNER can help you visualize your connections and build a strategy for success. Want to see PARTNER in action? Sign up for a live web demo here, or watch a video tour of the platform here. You can get started and create an account for free here. 

PARTNER is the only network analysis tool with numerous options for data collection built-in for easy use. Use the data uploader, network survey builder or person-centered network app to collect data and analyze it using the PARTNER data dashboard. You can create network maps, measure analytics, and search our insights library to leverage your findings. Get started for free here.