Evaluation Associates

Hundreds of evaluators and independent consultants use the PARTNER Platform and our expert services in projects around the globe. Here are a few examples of ongoing or recently concluded projects run by our PARTNER Associates. You can learn more about all our clients here. 

Blythe Butler
Sami Berger

Blythe Butler & Sami Berger, First 2000 Days Network

The process of working with the PARTNER tool and the team at the University of Colorado, Denver has been crucial in informing the development of The First 2000 Days Network. The Network is rooted in an ethos of adaptive learning and continuous improvement, and the results of this report as well as what we’ve learned from the process of developing and delivering the survey are critical to informing our approach. Learn more about the First 2000 Days Network Here.

Dr. Ron Lindstrom,
Emergency Medicine Network,
British Columbia, Canada

Dr. Lindstrom has applied PARTNER to new kinds of network evaluations, including his most recent project with the British Columbia Emergency Medicine Network. You can learn more about Dr. Lindstrom by clicking on the Bio button, or download a Project Brief on the right to learn more about his evaluation work with PARTNER!

Naomi Clemmons

Naomi Clemmons, MPH

Annapurna Ghosh

Anna Ghosh, MPH


Lea Ayers LaFave, PhD, RN

JSI Research & Training Institute

Our friends at JSI have applied PARTNER for a variety of purposes since 2008. Read their Project Brief to learn about a few of these projects along with their backgrounds and findings!