Programs to Strengthen Social Connectedness Among Young People

April 27, 2022 | 12 pm MT | A Webinar on Strengthening Social Connectedness

Social connectedness is important for everyone – but especially so for young people. As we learn, develop and mature, kids and teenagers require a network of mentors and peers to share information, resources, and opportunities. Without a strong support network, it is much harder for young people to succeed in their education, careers, and family lives.

Building on our March webinar about youth social connectedness among research, our April session is gathering leaders working in the field to strengthen connectedness among young people. These individuals are leading efforts to build stronger support networks through innovative mentorship, peer-development, and community-building programs. They will share insights they are learning through their work directly with youth, providing actionable ideas and information you can take home and apply to your work right away.

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Meet our Webinar Speakers

Our speakers come from a variety of organizations taking numerous approaches to support youth and strengthen social connectedness.

Kini Tinkham

Kini-Ana Tinkham

Executive Director
Maine Resilience Building Network

Kini-Ana Tinkham is the Executive Director of the Maine Resilience Building Network (MRBN). Kini has worked in public health and healthcare for close to 40 years. She works to improve the health and well-being of children, families and communities by advancing the MRBN mission through capacity building, system integration, resilient workforce development, policy and advocacy. Kini brings extensive system transformation leadership experience aimed at the Integration of community and health systems through strategies to advance equity and promote a resilience framed approach to public health.

D.L. Pos Ryant

D. L. Pos Ryant

Executive Director
The Apprentice of Peace Youth Organization

D. L. Pos Ryant is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of The Apprentice of Peace Youth Organization (APOYO), a nonprofit that focuses on reducing mental health stigma and increasing life skills through wellness. In this leadership role, Pos is charged with strategy, positive youth development and building community while creating innovative ways to address mental health stigma and the intersectionality of youth violence. He has an extensive background in working with youth in sports and social emotional learning from coaching basketball to teaching wellness and positive mental attitude strategies. Pos is proud to work in the arena of mental health stigma awareness and reduction working with youth locally, nationally, and abroad.

Dr. Varda

Dr. Danielle Varda

CEO & Founder
Visible Network Labs

Danielle is a scientist turned start-up founder, leading VNL as CEO. Her combination of 20 years as a network scientist studying social connectedness and health, published author, 12 years as a tenured professor at the University of CO Denver, and her successful launch and scaling of the Center on Network Science came together in one big idea to start VNL. She is an entrepreneur, technologist, network scientist, fundraiser, and mother to three spirited girls. She is a nationally known expert and keynote speaker on applied network science, with specific expertise in health system, public health system, entrepreneurial ecosystems, and educational system approaches.

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Visible Network Labs is a technology and service startup that uses network science to map and visualize the relationships and systems that impact health and well-being to strengthen social connectedness and collaboration. We host annual webinars on topics like network science, leadership, and social connectedness to share our research and insight with those who are using it to make the world a better place.

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