Custom Highlights Document

Custom Highlights Document



About Reports: Two report options are available: Full Report (with default survey Qs 1-19) and Highlights.

  • Full Report: Neat and concise report with all data including Quality Improvement (QI) questions following each section. This report summarizes all of your data into a word document. You will have to customize the report when you get it with details from your own project. This option allows you to spend your time diving right into your results without having to spend the hours and work putting the data into a report. With this report, you can use the QI questions and start to think strategically about your data.
  • Highlights Doc: This is a more condensed, summarized version of the full collaborative report, highlighting only the primary findings (typically 2-3 pages long).

Typical turnaround time for these reports is about 5 business days depending on availability of PARTNER staff and project deadlines. When you are ready for your report, please email partnertool@visiblenetworklabs.com. Batch rate only applies when 10 or more is purchased in the same order.

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