Expert Services

Expert Services

We have the nation’s most qualified team to support your need for evaluation, organizational capacity building, data analysis, and on-site consultation and TA. And we also have a network of partners to fill the gaps when we need extra support.

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The team at VNL have 20+ years in evaluation, consulting, human-centered design, research in network strategies, systems and network evaluation, and data science. We have helped over 400 businesses, government, and nonprofit organizations implement and measure their network strategies. Let our team of experts assist you in taking your network work to the next level, through evidence-based strategies. 

Our team are experts in network and systems evaluation and research. We are leading projects in local, regional, and national level research and evaluation projects. Our team is made up of experts in the area of Organizational Network Evaluation, Placed-Based Evaluation, GIS Analysis, Stakeholder Involvement, and Network Analysis, providing a specific range of expertise not typically found in one organization. Our evaluation approach is based on a Community Based Participatory Model, with a focus on reflective learning and evidence-based practice.  Collectively, we have a strong set of experience in evaluations and research related to organizational networks analysis and place-based evaluation. Learn more about our evaluation framework or contact us at hello@visiblenetworklabs.com.

We help communities:

– Demonstrate ROI and attribution to funders, partners, and stakeholders how their collaborative efforts are making an impact.
– Help network members and leaders think about how to strengthen their networks.
– Provide quantitative data to describe the quality, content, and intensity of network partnerships.
– Develop presentations, reports, and grant application language to communicate with stakeholders, funders, policymakers, and partners.

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Network data is complicated in nature, and it can be difficult to understand how to fully utilize this data. We believe in building the capacity of networks to not only understand their network analysis, but how this data can be used to improve their collaborative or outcomes.

We help communities translate their data to practice by:

Providing Technical Assistance such as webinars and ½ or full day in-person trainings focused on Social Network Analysis, using the PARTNER Tool and Quality Improvement Methodology.

Working with communities to develop their “Ideal Network” to develop action steps to get them from where they are to where they want to be.

Creating a variety of reports and other documents which can be used to help you better understand your network, as well as documenting collaboration and impact to funders, etc. These documents include: generic or personalized PARTNER reports, highlights documents, specific grant language, and recommended action steps.

At VNL, we provide technology and data solutions that include data catalogs, network and geospatial visualizations on a multi-dimensional web platform that has the capacity to engage a diversity of users. However, we do not believe we already have all the answers. Rather, our goal is to deeply understand a user’s needs (be it a company, organization, provider, or community) and use design thinking to co-create solutions. We offer:

Data Science: While much of the Aspen platform is available for queries through our data dashboards, our experienced data science team can provide customized queries and analysis on networks at all levels (individual, organizational, and community/city/state/national), based on your needs and questions. We provide graphs, charts, data-driven narratives, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), customized analyses, and benchmark data metrics that allow for even greater information sharing and insight. These help businesses, organizations, patients, providers, network administrators, researchers, and policy makers understand population health, cross-sector industry trends, quality and costs of network strategies, and many other aspects that drive decisions on providing and accessing strategies to strengthen networks across sectors and objects. Contact us at hello@visiblenetworklabs.com for more information.

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