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Using new tools and technologies can be confusing! We want to make sure that our users have all the support they need to make the decision to purchase VNL tools and to seamlessly get started right away. Our team of Network Scientists host monthly 1 hour live demos to help you understand what our various tools can do, how you can easily access and use them, and what to do once you get your data. We show you the ins and outs and offer time for your questions at the end.

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Our next live web demo is October 7th at 11am Mountain Time. Dr. Danielle Varda, CEO & Founder of VNL, will walk you through the newest iteration of the PARTNER Community Partner Relationship Management System and PARTNERme, the person-centered network tool. See how the Survey Builder, Network Analyzer and Mapping tool works and get your questions about PARTNER answered in real-time.

Register today and we’ll send you more information to attend the Web Demo. If you cannot make it that day, we’ll send you a recording of the Demo within 72 hours of the Demo. Have a question about PARTNER or the Demo and don’t want to wait? Contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as can. Thanks!

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