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Learn to use the PARtner tool
to analyze your network


The PARTNER Tool Online Workshop is a online workshop series with PARTNER Creator, Dr. Danielle Varda. Learn how to use the PARTNER tool, analyze your data, and visualize the structure and quality of your network’s connections. Also understand how to use this data to inform your network leadership strategies.

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About PARTNER: As more organizations and communities collaborate, how to measure, evaluate, and use data from community networks can be a challenging endeavor. PARTNER is the leading tool for evaluating cross-sector community networks. Used by over 2500 communities, it is the only tool that collects data through a validated, yet customizable survey that is linked to an easy to use, accessible network analysis tool. The tool makes the difficult task of social network analysis survey design and analysis simple and straightforward. The data collected through PARTNER can help you assess a network’s strength and impact, and make evidence-based decisions for effectively managing and improving your network’s outcomes.

If you have wanted to learn how to analyze your existing PARTNER data or brush up on your skills but need some extra support, this online workshop is right for you. The sessions are designed to: 

  • provide time in between each session to allow you to follow along with your own project and apply what you learn in between sessions.
  • Provide time to ask questions and receive technical assistance from the Visible Network Lab team.

Format: The online workshop series consists of the following three sessions. Sessions are 2 hours long starting at 12pmET, 11amCT, 10amMT, 9amPT. You can sign up for all the sessions or just the ones you need. In order to get the most value and build your skills for using PARTNER, we highly recommend signing up for all three. Dates will be announced in by May 2019. 

  • Session 1: How to use the PARTNER analysis tool to analyze your data

  • Session 2 : How to communicate and disseminate your PARTNER results to your stakeholders

  • Session 3: How to translate your data into practice to develop strategies for managing/improving your network

Experience Level: Please note this workshop is intended for people that have a basic understanding of the PARTNER Tool. Whether you are still learning or it has been awhile since using it, we highly recommend signing up for our free online demos. Please note: over the last few months VNL has made some significant changes to our tool platform and interface.

Registration & Pricing

Each session is $150. If you register for 2 or more session, you will receive $25 off each session. If you are unable to attend the workshop, you can still register and the receive the workshop recording after each session.

Questions: If you have any questions, please email Malinda Mochizuki at learning@visiblenetworklabs.co

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