survey builder FOR network analysis made easy

The PARTNER online surveys make it simple and intuitive to collect data using our survey builder.  You have the choice to build your own survey from scratch, select from our bank of questions, or use our validated PARTNER 18 question survey. We provide organizational network analysis tool designed by scientists for community networks. Measure the quality and structure of your relationships to help tell your network’s story and create a data-driven strategy for growth. Leverage your resources  and partnerships better to improve outcomes in the important work that you do. Unlock the power of network science for your network with the PARTNER Survey Builder. 

"The Visible Network Labs team and tools are incredibly powerful in helping to map partnerships and collaborative networks. The tools are user-friendly and the team is always there to help troubleshoot and interpret results."
Rache Hogg Graham
University of Kentucky
Organizational Respondents
Years in Use

seamless experience

Build & send your survey, map your results and conduct analysis all in the same program with no need for uploading or downloading data between applications.

Validated scientifically

The PARTNER Survey has been validated through more than a dozen peer-reviewed research studies, and used in over 3000 communities, so you can really trust your data.

flexibility to build your own

We've made it ridicously easy to custom build and send your own survey. Start from scratch, or use our bank of questions. Pick the length and use the embedded email system.

no data to clean or download

After you launch your surveys, you always have private access to all your data through our data dashboards. No cleaning required! And you can always download your data, anytime.

access to sector specific surveys

The PARTNER team has been creating surveys for clients for almost 15 years. We have customized a lot of surveys. We make all those surveys available to you, free of charge.

email & phone CUSTOMER SUPPORT

We provide all PARTNER Tool users technical and advisory support. We also provide training, webinar, articles and guides on how to get the most out of using the tool.

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