Learn With Our PARTNER Video Tutorials!

We walk you through all the main steps of setting up and using the PARTNER Platform. From accessing your account and adding your network members, to designing a survey and analyzing data, we cover it all. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Start with the descriptions below each video and send us a message further below if you still can’t find what you need.

In this tutorial we demonstrate how to login to PARTNER, manage your projects, and navigate the platform. If you’re new to PARTNER it’s the best place to get started.

In this tutorial we show how to add your network members to a project and manage them afterwards. That includes member editing, deleting and creating member reports.

In this tutorial we share how you can create customized attributes to categorize and sort your network members. This includes creating, assigning and editing specific attributes.

In this tutorial we explain how to start designing surveys to send to your network. This includes picking a template, adding, editing & deleting questions & using skip logic.

In this tutorial we demonstrate how to write email introductions, invitations and reminders to take your survey. This includes writing, assigning & scheduling email templates.

In this tutorial we demonstrate how to use the basic features of the Network Analyzer. This includes creating network maps, GIS maps, charts & graphs an viewing raw data.

We created our PARTNER Video Tutorials to help you get up to speed and understand how to use the Platform. Start with the first video and work your way through the series to see how to use PARTNER from start to finish. Don’t forget about our Frequently Asked Questions page or Quick Start Guide for additional support and resources. 

Tutorial 1 deals with Account Management and Projects. Tutorial 2 deals with Adding and managing partners to your project. Tutorial 3 explains how to create and assign attributes to network partners. Tutorial 4 deals with designing and customizing network surveys. Tutorial 5  demonstrates how to write and send email invites and reminders. Tutorial 6 finishes with an overview of mapping and analyzing your network results.

New to PARTNER? It’s a community partner relationship management system. While a crm (customer relationship manager) tracks direct relationships between you and your clients, a CPRM measures all the interconnections that exist between you and your community partners. This allows you to build better networks that provide more value to help you meet your goals. Our team provides additional opportunities for consulting and evaluation support, along with a full Learning Lab with webinars, online courses and virtual events and workshops to help you improve your collaborative work. Sign up for a free trial with the PARTNER Platform here to test out the Survey Builder and Network Analyzer.

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