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The Person-Centered Network App is a fully adaptable and easy to use tool to collect, analyze, and interpret data on personal support networks.

Collecting network data has never been easier with the Person-Centered Network App! With a simple app download to any device, you can start collecting data immediately. The app is interactive, allowing a person to “swipe” their connections, review the results, and gain insight on their personal networks in real time. It is a fully adaptable, interactive, data collection device that makes collecting network data ridiculously easy.

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Adaptable for your needs


interactive, person-engaged


instant analysis


easy data export


The PCN App is groundbreaking with the potential to reach a greater number of people, greatly eliminate human error and communicates to the patient/client that the system is something that will adapt around them. I very much enjoyed being a part of this pilot experience. I learned something new about the way technology and mental health can work together to offer the best care possible.
John Doe
Happy People Network

Case Use Example: 

 We are all embedded in personal support networks, yet they are invisible, not only to ourselves, but also to the people who care for us. The PCN App makes it easy to see the social connectedness of a person, find the strengths, identify the gaps, and link a person to resources.

The PCN App is a strengths-based, versatile, user-friendly tool that helping professionals — like social workers, care navigators, doctors, and first responders – use with patients and clients.The goal of the tool is to improve care for that individual by identifying and visualizing their social support system, including people like friends and family that help coordinate care for them, and then using that as a starting place for prioritizing how to meet immediate needs. This tool puts the client at the center of their care experience, acknowledging and leveraging their personal relationships as a part of their wellness plan, and it helps to narrow in on strategic referrals to social service systems.

The Person-Centered Network App is as much of a philosophy as a tool. We believe (and our research told us) that when we can visualize the social connections that make up a person’s personal networks, we can be better at all kinds of things like providing care, managing work loads, and seeing the everyday interactions among our colleagues and peers. The PCN App was built to tackle the almost impossible – understanding the social connectedness of people so we can identify gaps and fill them with resources, based on a philosophy of building personal resiliency and a belief that people want to help themselves.



“The PCN App has the potential to change the way care is provided to patients. It illustrates how important it is to ask questions to patients that will get us to a better understanding of their system.
Pilot Tester