Share and disseminate community partner data

Share your network data and visualizations with your stakeholders, funders, and partners in the community to maximize the shared value you create with your results.

Build and share reports for your stakeholders

Download a standard report with all your network visualizations, scores, and survey results, or order additional custom reports from our team of experts.

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Send your partners their Member Profile

Send your community partners a copy of their profile with all their data, including network maps, trust and value scores, resource inventories, and more.

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Setup public-facing data dashboards.

Setup a dashboard so the public can see and explore your network visualizations, compare your connections over time, and check out other graphs and data.

Export your raw data into a spreadsheet

Access all of your data in a spreadsheet at any time; ideal for conducting additional analysis or integrating your data with other systems or software tools.

Set up a discovery demo with our team

Talk to a member of our Sales & Partnerships Team to learn more about data sharing and dissemination with PARTNER CPRM. We can share more about the platform’s functionality, show you a demo, and answer your questions in detail. Request a demo below or message us to learn more and get started.

Build and download reports

Create a report with your network maps and visualizations, tables and charts, and written survey responses. Use the information for grant applications and reports for funders, quality improvement processes, and strategic planning to improve collaboration and partnerships. More report template options coming soon.

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Share Member Profiles

Pull up and share profiles with each network member with a complete copy of their data and network visualizations. Customize your profile appearance to show the specific information and date that matters most to you and your collaborative. These are great tools for democratizing data and building engagement and excitement around your project.

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Create Public Dashboards

Share your results with the world in a public data dashboard. Work with us to display a series of interactive network and GIS maps with explanatory text and links to more reports and data. This is a powerful tool to demonstrate your collective impact and show how your network or system is evolving thanks to your efforts.

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Export your raw data

Your partner data is always 100% accessible to you and owned by you. You can export it in a spreadsheet with just a few clicks to conduct additional analysis or mapping and share it with partners. You can also view your scores and data within the Network Analyzer in PARTNER CPRM.

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Frequently asked questions

Currently, we have a complete results report template that includes all your network maps and survey results, with space for additional explanatory text you add yourself. In the coming months, we will be releasing more report template options to create a variety of different reports, briefs, and profiles.

A: You have two options:

  1. Click “Download” to create a PDF copy of the profile and share it with partners by email or online shared drive.
  2. Add your partner as a collaborator on your PARTNER project and show them how to login and access a profile by clicking their name in your Member List.